Walk the Line

A target for intermediate and advanced shooters

This target as a challenge of mental concentration. The shooter is required to utilize consistent form to provide rapid, accurate, and precise fire while concentrating on situational awareness as well. The basic drill is to engage two shots on the large circles and one shot on the small circles as quickly as you can. Remember, the goal is not to get good at this drill but to hone aspects of fundamentals such as trigger control and proper grip that you can translate to other applications later.

Download Walk the Line Target

All Skill Levels:

Round Count: 22+

​Starting on the center circle and moving in any direction following the lines. As you complete the figure 8 shoot 2 rounds into each large circle and 1 round into each small circle. Make up any missed shots.​

New Shooter Drill

Distance: 3-5 yards

Do not worry about time. Instead take your time and focus on getting good hits. As you progress through the drill be mindful of your Fundamentals of Marksmanship. Firm consistent grip and constant contact with the trigger till you are complete. Rest as needed. Remember, practice makes permanent, the fundamentals you cement here will serve you well later.

Advanced Shooter Drill

Distance 3-5 yards

Introduce stress, set a timer or par time for 35 seconds. Attempt to beat par. Introduce drawing from a holster if you would like to. Remember speed alone is not enough for this drill. Do not allow you self to become sloppy on the fundamentals of grip, trigger consistency and recoil management. When you can easily beat the time lower it or move onto the advanced drill.

Advanced Shooter Drill

Distance 3-10 yards

Shoot this drill cold. Set a par time or timer for 25 seconds. DO NOT make up shots but rather add 1 second for every miss. Shoot this drill from a holster. Time starts holstered with your hands at your side. To increase the difficulty shoot all of the large dots on the first figure 8 and all of the small dots on a second pass, reduce par, or introduce other fundamental tests as you desire.