Aim Small Miss Small

A multi-use range target

​Measuring 7.5" in diameter with a heavy line this a great target for beginning shooters. Due to the lack of a bulls eye shooters have the ability to practice with out the distraction of accuracy and can instead focus on precision. Two external bulls eyes are provided to work on combining both precision and accuracy.

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All Skill Levels:

Round Count: 6

Bill Drill: From the holster or low ready place six shots into the center of the circle. While speed is a goal make sure that you don't over extend your skill level. The primary goal is a stead cadence of shots and a controlled use of the trigger..​

New Shooter Drill

Distance: 3-5 yards

Round Count: 12-20

In strings of 4 rounds shoot for precision on the 7.5" circle. Remember, the goal is not to hit a bulls eye (since there isn't one). The goal is  to have tight consistent groups. Repeat until your group size begins to shrink. Remember do not remove your finger from contact with the trigger until each string is complete.

Skills: precision, sight alignment, trigger pull, reset

Advanced Shooter Drill

Distance 3-7 yards

Round Count: 25-50

In strings of 5 rounds shoot for accuracy, precision, and speed from the holster or low ready. Start at a moderate pace and speed up till you miss. A shot timer is very helpful with this drill. Train to failure, examine, reset, and repeat. If you are constantly having to readjust your grip revisit the drill to the left.

Skills: precision, accuracy, recoil management, trigger pull, reset, sight alignment, sight acquisition

Advanced Shooter Drill

Distance 5-10 yards

Round Count: 12+

From the holster with a par time starting at 5 seconds. Draw and fire one round into the left/right external bulls eye, one round to the circle, and a final round to the other external bulls eye. Each miss adds 0.5 seconds. If you find that you are having issues finding your sights try dry practicing with your equipment until you can find the sights on every draw.

Skills: precision, accuracy, recoil management, trigger pull, reset, sight alignment, sight acquisition, grip, draw, target transition, situational awareness