3/8 Alpha Zone Target

A multi-use range target

A standard USPSA Silhouette's Alpha (A) Zone measures 6" x 10 11/16" This target is roughly 3/8 of that. Use this target to practice for USPSA, IDPA, or just to plink. General purpose.

Download 3/8 Alpha Zone Target

New Shooter Drill

Distance: 5-10 yards

Round Count: 50

Aim about 1/3 of the way down the target and fire your best 3 shot group. Without resting fire one double tap (one sight picture, two trigger pulls). Observe if your double tap is within your first group. If the second shot is high work on your grip and recoil control, if it is low run some anti anticipation drills (See the Aim Small Miss Small Target). Repeat 10 times.

Advanced Shooter Drill

​Distance 5-15 yards

Round Count: X

Triple taps from the holster. Use a timer if you have one with a goal of 2.5 seconds or less with all shots contained within the 3/8 A Zone. To increase difficulty draw while on the move directly towards the target.

Advanced Shooter Drill

Distance 5-10 yards

Round Count: X

Post two targets as far apart as is safe, depending on the range you are on. Use a time if you have one. Start slow and methodical. Draw from the holster and fire at one target then transition to another. Increase speed till you miss. Repeat

Bonus: 1 Target, center of bay. moving laterally and slightly towards the target place as many shots on target while moving.