What is TechonTarget?

TechonTarget is the culmination of years of shooting, training, and self development. As the founder of TechonTarget, I have been around firearms for my entire life. Growing up I hunted and casually shot with friends and family before joining the military at the age of 18. The military taught me some new firearm skills but it was my time outside and after the military that really cemented my skills. Individual training, competition shooting, and a true love for the firearms community have defined my last 8 years. The natural progression of this was to share my knowledge, experience, and love of firearms with everyone I can. 

The goal of TechonTarget is to promote the safe use of firearms to everyone. If you have a desire to learn firearm safety, fundamentals of shooting, or want to build on existing skills, TechonTarget is here to help. Knowledge is paramount when it comes to firearms and I hope to help everyone expand their knowledge of firearms and the shooting community. No matter your race, religion, gender, or orientation, TechonTarget is here to teach all who are willing to learn. Hope to see you on the range!

David Belmont (TechonTarget)

The TechonTarget Resume

  • NRA Certified Instructor:
  • NRA Basic Pistol​
  • NRA Home Firearm Safety
  • Wenatchee Rifle and Revolver Club (WRRC) Club President​
  • Head Safety Trainer WRRC
  • Range Safety Officer WRRC
  • Scouts America Range Master
  • 20+ years of shooting experience
  • Competition Shooter (USPSA, Steel Challenge)
  • United States Marine Corps
  • Training with other instructors to include:
  • Thunder Ranch
  • GMM Defense
  • ContinuumOfForceConcepts